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Money makes all the wrong decisions...
Money has corrupted almost every profession, government, authority, company, business, and person in the world. We only do things for money. We don't follow our passions or do the things we want. Instead, we enslave ourselves to the money and the desires of those who tell us what to do for the money. We'll often do something morally wrong just to get it. This ultimately hurts us as humans in the end. Rather than improve or make things better for everyone, we look at how we can make the most profit. Some things are worth more than any amount of money.

I'd say that life, health, happiness, prosperity, freedom, and doing something you love that helps the world cannot be assigned monetary value.

Money will never bring you true happiness. It usually brings the exact opposite. Consider the effect your actions will have on humanity. Just because you might be paid a lot in the short term, you should think about others and what negative effects your actions will have on the rest of the world.

Find something you love to do and hopefully the money will follow. It is unlikely the system will change soon, but it needs to if we're ever to progress intellectually and spiritually as humans.

[Image: money-cant-buy.jpg]

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